Sunday, December 03, 2006

Match up mayhem

With the announcement of who will play whom is the BCS bowls happening as I type these words (they just announced Boise State and OU for the Fiesta Bowl), I want to quickly give my take on USC's BCS future this season.

USC's loss to the Bruins cost them a title shot, and threw the entire system into chaos. The Trojans, however, will still play in a BCS Bowl (the Rose Bowl). Their opponent depends on who will face Ohio State in the national title game.

If Ohio State faces Michigan in a rematch, then LSU will most likely head to Pasadena to take on the Trojans in a battle of the teams that split the titles in 2003. That brings into question the idea of a rematch, but that will decided momentarily.

If Florida reaches the national title game, I would assume the Rose Bowl would want it's traditional Big-10 versus Pac-10 match up. USC would most likely take on Michigan in a rematch of the Trojans' 2004 Rose Bowl appearance where they won their share of the split national title.

If that's the case, then LSU would probably get the SEC's nod to the Sugar Bowl because the Gators would be heading to Glendale on Jan. 8.

My guess?

Florida passed Michigan in the coaches poll, and the Gators played a pretty complete game in the SEC title game against Arkansas. Florida won the SEC, arguably the toughest conference in the country. Michigan on the other hand only lost to the top-ranked team in the country. They have a legitimate argument for a title shot despite losing to the team already slated to play for the championship.

That being said, Florida will probably be the team traveling to Glendale to take on the Buckeyes of Ohio State. The Rose Bowl wouldn't be too upset about that, either, giving them their traditional match up. Michigan will be upset, but when it's up to voters and not a plus-1 playoff system, that's what happens.

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