Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pictures from HAWL

This Memorial Day weekend, my dad, sister and I went out to my grandma's lakehouse about 90 miles east of Dallas in Hide-a-way. It's a fun place to be. We got out on the lake sunday afternoon but because of the weather monday morning, we decided to just head back to Dallas early.

Anyway, here's some snapshots from the weekend:

the lakehouse

me, on the world's most comfortable couch

the boat house

me in the boat house

Dumb dentists

Today at my dentist appointment, I realized that I didn't know which was more painful:
(1) waiting in the waiting room
(2) getting poked with the metal hooks
(3) having to come back because the hygenist doesn't know her right from her left

First, I got there for my 1:00pm appointment, but didn't get in until about 1:15pm because the entire office went out to lunch. That was brutal only because as I looked around, I saw every magazine for women ever created. Not one Sports Illustrated. Not even a Newsweek. The only copy of Time was already claimed by another helpless victim of the waiting room.

I finally got into the room, and the hygenist got to work picking at my teeth with those metal hooks. The problem for me is that I have permenant metal retainer wire things on the back of my upper and lower front teeth. It was glued directly onto the back of those teeth with no room in between.

I've had that retainer there for 4 years, and the hygenist - the same one I've had all these year - must always try to get in between the wire and my teeth with that hook. It's never once worked, but every time she has to try digging into my tooth in order to try to get in between.

And it freakin' hurts.

Naturally, when something hurts at the dentist, I - like most other people probably do - say "ouch" or "ow" to let her know. So she digs in to my gum or my tooth or some part of my mouth that didn't think it felt good, so I let out a "ouch!"

"Oh, did that hurt?" she asked me.

Did that hurt? Did that hurt?!? Why do you think I said "ouch!"? Please stop trying to kill me by trying to get between a wire and my tooth, which is something you've never been able to do!

As if that wasn't bad enough, when the dentist came in, he told her to retake my upper-left x-rays. She re-did it, but while she was doing it, I thought it was weird because she was x-raying my right side. I just assumed that even though I thought I heard the dentist say "left" that it must be the dentist's left, not the patient's left.

So I got the x-rays done and left. I had just hit the road when I got a phone call from my sister (who was at the dentist's office waiting on her appointment). She said I had to come back to the dentist's office. At first, I thought she was kidding, but she insisted.

I got back and the hygenist said that she had to redo the x-rays because she didn't do the correct side. Thought so. Turns out, when the dentist says "left" it does mean the patient's left. That's great.

Don't you just love the dentist? You know I do :-)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Congratulations, Matt!

Today is Matt's graduation from St. Marks, where he's been for 12 years (not because he's dumb, it's a K-12 school, so don't worry). Just wanted to say...

See you next year on the left coast!
In honor of Matt's graduation, here are some fun pictures from Matt's visit to LA last February...

After a night of fun...

...Matt was pretty tired.

Grade "A" pics

Here's some random pictures of Alice and me I decided to post for no reason other than, why the hell not.


3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica (Feb '05)
Thanksgiving break 2004
Alice's spring 2004 'SC visit
Happy Alice - No, really. She's been in a good mood before ;-)
Crinkled car (March '05)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hometown Heros 2.0

Here's the story I told yall about yesterday where a barbershop owner and employee helped save the lives of kids after the daycare disaster.

This is the Dallas Morning News article about the barbers-turned-heros!

Hey, infidelity fanatics...

I read an article in the Dallas morning news about new gift cards specifically made for cheaters and couldn't believe it.

According to the company's Website, the Secret Lover Collection "is designed to capture and express the unique emotional bond and intensity between lovers involved in an affair, allowing them to express their feelings for the first time through inspiring, emotion-driven, “me-to-you” greeting cards featuring distinctive original artwork."


I understand that our country has a 50% divorce rate, but now there are specifically made cards for people having affairs!!! Does anything about that bother anyone else? The impressive/disturbing thing about this product is that there is clearly a market for it.

I've never been a big card person. I usually look to give someone a funny card, and then I'll write a more personal message in there. If you take a look at those card racks at drugs stores and grocery stores, it seems like there's a card for everyone.

Apparently there wasn't.

Don't worry though, because with these new cards, you can find the perfect way to say "I love you" to that special someone you never want your girlfriend to know about.

Aww...how sweet.

What a friggen joke!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Chappelle's Show fallout

The following is part of a conversation I had with Brad about the how start of Carlos Mencia's new show on Comedy Central "Mind of Menica" was changed because of Dave Chappelle's freak-out:

USCdwarf: isn't it strange that his story ACTUALLY affects me
JFeld127: HAHAHA!
USCdwarf: i would never think that anything chappelle did would directly affect me

Make sure to get inside the

"Mind of Mencia"
starting July 6

at 10:30pm (9:30 central) after South Park
on Comedy Central.

Roy's rule

With the NFL execs voting 27-5 to outlaw the horse-collar tackle (a/k/a the Roy Williams rule) after a season where Williams alone caused three injuries with the move, I have mixed feelings on how this will work.

I do think it is good that this rule will help protect the health of the players, because when big-name players get hurt (like TO) I think it hurts the league. Had Philadelphia not made it to the Super Bowl and TO not had a chance to play, all offseason the Eagles would be talking about how that injury ruined their season (because for them, it was Super Bowl or bust!).

Granted, you are still allowed to use this move on a quarterback in the pocket or a tailback in the tackle box, but the severity of potential injury in those situations is not as great as in the open field, where a receiver would get caught from behind. Which leads me to my greivances about this decision.

How is a defensive back supposed to catch a speedy receiver from behind. If Randy Moss is streaking down the sideline with some spare DB having no chance to make a legitimate tackle, the "horse-collar" move is one of that defenders very limited options for a TD-saving tackle. While the defender could try to dive at the receiver's feet, hit them into each other, and hope he trips, if that offensive speedster stays up, it's six points.

The horse-collar move was good because it gave defenders a way to catch someone from behind and hold on to them to bring them down. Taking that away will lead to more break-away plays in the secondary.

Part of the ruling does say that the defender can't grab the collar and immediately pull them down by the collar, so if they hold on, is the tackle them legit? And if that is the case, why would a defender wait to pull an offensive player down when at the time he'd be giving up valuable yardage.

I think there is a simply way to deal with this rule. Fine a player who does it. Don't make it a 15-yard penalty, because if you do, the defenders will either (1) not make the tackle and give up big yards, or (2) use the horse-collar move to bring them down, which would end up giving the offense the yards anyway via a 15-yard penalty!

The defense can't win with this rule having an on-the-field effect, but if you fine a player who does it after the game, then it won't have a direct effect on the outcome of the game.

I know it sounds like I'm flip-flopping on this, but the truth is I can see a legit reasoning for and against this rule. I think the only real way to determine if this will be a success will be a season spent with this rule in effect on a trial basis.

Giddy up!

Hometown Hero

I'm here at my internship at 570 KLIF where they just had Richard Howell on the air. That name may not mean much to anyone outside of Dallas, but after yesterday afternoon this man's life changed forever.

The Ankarlo Mornings show just had him on talking about his heoric efforts after yesterday's tragic daycare disaster where a car crashed through a window into the main play area of the Dream House Learning Center.

Howell, who owns a barber shop across the street, rushed over after the crash and helped get two trapped children out from the car. He and four others lifted the car, allowing others to get the children out from under the car.

This morning, Howell spent some time on the radio telling about what happened yesterday in the aftermath of the crash. He seemed pretty humble about it all. Darrell Ankarlo, the morning show host, allowed Howell to plug his barber shop (The Platinum barbershop). I've never met Richard Howell, and I most likely never will, but for his actions in the wake of yesterday's disaster, I have the utmost respect for him.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sissy Sith

Revenge of the Sith was great with one glaring exception:
Darth Vader

Think about how intimidating Vader was in Episodes IV, V and VI. The main reason for that fear-inspiring persona resulted a great deal from the voice of James Earl Jones. Without that, Vader sounds like nothing more than a squeaky nerd in a helmet.

When James Earl Jones as Vader spoke, anyone watching that movie could feel Vader's presence. You can't have Darth Vader without him. It's be like having Ace Ventura without Jim Carey. Jones' voice defines that character. Episode III - despite bridging the gap between between the first two movies and the trilogy released 20 years ago - lacked the true presence of Vader because of Jones' vocal absense.

For 'The Best'

It looks like the overwhelming schedule I am faced with this summer will cost me more than sleep. I'm trying to deal with the fact that my girlfriend of more than two years - Alice - and I are taking some time apart this summer. This actually happened last Thursday.

At first, it was really tough for me to deal with, but after almost two weeks of being "on a break" I'm getting used to it. I mean, I know it would have been almost impossible to fulfill the commitments I'd made to my internship and Vector this summer while having a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have tried to cut back on some of those responsibilities for her - because I would have.

It's not there was one big reason for this, though. I guess Alice put it best when she said that it was just time. It was for the best, and - as much as I really hate to admit it - she may be right (after more than two years, now she's right about something, hehe).

It'll be weird though. We still talk a lot, and we still hang out from time to time. It doesn't necessarily feel that different either at times. I know that many people try the whole "being friends" thing, and I know it doesn't always work out. Granted it's been less than two weeks, but I am gettin' the feeling that this "being friends" thing may just work out.

At least, I hope it does. It would suck not have her as a part of my life. Bottom line, she's a good friend to have, regardless of if we're dating or not. And I think it'd be "for the best" not to break off all ties.

Stupid schedulers 2.0

Just a few days ago, I posted an entry about my feelings towards customers who make appointments with me and then no-show. Basically, I'm not a fan. I actually posted that entry in direct response to a certain customer - who shall remain nameless - telling me at the door that she forgot I was coming by and was on her way out the door.

As frustrating as it was to face this woman telling me that I wouldn't be making a sale to her today, I still set up a time with her for me to come back and do my demo. Unfortunately the time we set up didn't end up working out, so two days ago I called her to reschedule for today.

When I got to her house today, the lady's son was in the driveway on his way out. He asked what I was doing at his house, and when I told him I had an appointment with his mom, he told me that she wasn't home. FANTASTIC! So he got her on the phone, and she said that I could call her tonight to set up a time.

Ideally we can get something set.


Making the cut

After a week of being back with Vector, I've gotta say it's good to be back. It's good to be back at a company where I know I can have some fun, make some money, and make a difference. This year I'm the Lead Field Sales Manager for the Lewisville Vector office. It's a pretty nice job. I only spend 12-15 hours in the office each week while doing 12-16 demos.

Since I've been back, I've been closing around 83%, but my average order isn't what it was last summer...for now. I guess I'll have to work on getting that back up.

This summer, our office is gearing up for what we hope to be a record-setting summer for our division. With an extremely-talented six-man manager staff, we have the leadership we need, but we just don't have the reps to help get the job done. Yesterday, though, we did sign nearly 30 people to the team. Over the next few weeks, our team's size should double. (By the way, if you're looking for a job and wanna join the team, go to www.workforstudents.com to apply)

I'm really looking forward to a busy, but for the most part rewarding summer. I plan on selling $40,000 - $7,000 more than last summer - while at 50% commision (which ain't too shabby). If I can do that, and if the rest of our office can do their best effort, we should end up having a $750,000 summer.

And just a warning to the offices of Garland, Arlington-HEB, Ft. Worth and Dallas: look out because the only thing more impressive than Lewisville Summer '04 is gonna be Lewisville Summer '05.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Stupid schedulers

For my job with Vector, the one thing I'm not a big fan of would have to be customers who schedule appointments with me, but then either no-show or cancel at the door. It just doesn't make sense to me how someone can book an appointment without thinking about any other obilgations they may have at that time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


As a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan, there is one aspect of the organization that I have never really been a big fan of. Not the fact that former star Michael Irvin got in some off-field trouble. Not the fact that former coach Barry Switzer was caught at DFW airport with a hand-gun in his bag (Jerry Jones told him it was a hair-dryer - zing!). But the Cowboy's mascot Rowdy, or Ass-whip as he is referred to on a local sports radio station, makes me want to puke.

He has been an embarrassment to Cowboys fans across the country. Think about it, how many mascots do you know get ejected from a football game...twice??? Head coach Bill Parcells even kicked him out of a practice for what Parcells called "time management" issues. Other teams have good, respectable mascots. I think it's time America's Team got a mascot that fans can respect (or at least tolerate).

I think that Cowboys fans across the world should rise up and protest Rowdy's existance. Plus, we all know that the true Dallas Cowboy's mascot is Crazy Ray, the guy in the endzone who always came dressed to impress in the Wild West.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The busy summer ahead

Wednesday I'm starting my internship with 570 KLIF helping out with the radio station's 5-9 a.m. newscast. I'll be putting in about 20 hours a week writing news stories, monitoring breaking news, and doing numerous other jobs I don't yet know about (which should be interesting).

Along with this internship, I will also once again be working with Vector doing direct sales. I hope to sell $10K more than last summer's $32K of sales. I will also be spending two afternoons each week in the office working with more advanced sales reps. On Mondays, I will lead meetings at the office for advanced reps. I am really looking forward to it.

Granted this summer I'm going to be extremely busy and most likely sleep-deprived. With the internship from 5-9 am (and I'd probably have to be there at 4:30 a.m.) and Vector for the rest of the day, I have no idea how I'm gonna be able to get enough sleep. But I really don't care. The fact remains that I'm gonna be doing things I enjoy this summer. I wish the internship was paid, but I guess I'll have to deal with that by trying to make more with Vector this summer.

By the end of the summer, I am going to buy the massage chair from Sharper Image that I've been eyeing for a year or so. I probably won't be able to get the chair back to my apartment in California for the school year (unless my brother drives it out in his Tahoe if he brings that to CalTech). But if I buy it by June 30 (when the $100 off deal going on the chair expires), I'll at least get half a summer with it.


That'll be relaxing...unlike the hectic summer I have ahead.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Royal Flush

Despite the fact that in this picture Jeff looks like a complete moron, he is the only person I have ever seen get a royal flush. HE GOT A FREAKIN' ROYAL FLUSH during our last poker game of the year (April 30). Granted, he won only 85 cents, but that is still amazing.

Congratulations Jeff on your 85-cent victory. This does prove, however, that you can win more with a royal flush than your regular old straight flush, right Eddie? Hope you haven't spent all of that 35-cent winnings.

Happy Orgasm Day

Here is a story from the Los Angeles NBC news website about Rio De Janeiro, Brazil celebrating a new holiday known as Orgasm Day. That's right. It's Orgasm Day today, so get your girlfriend or a hooker and observe this holiday.

Could this be a politicians way of trying to get a little more out of their marriage? Last I checked, Bill Clinton found a solution for that. Actually, the city's mayor says they've been celebrating Orgasm Day unofficially for years. Maybe they're on to something...

Monday, May 09, 2005

I made it

1500 miles later, I am back in Dallas (just in time for the start of the Mavericks-Suns second round playoff series). I am not looking forward to making that drive again any time soon. I left around 10:30 p.m. Pacific time on Friday night, and after mutiple stops for gas and two overnight stays at roadside motels, I arrived in Dallas around 2 p.m. Central time yesterday.

More surprising than surviving the half-way-across-the-country drive was the fact that I survived the last semester of the year with 18 units during what was supposed to be the hardest semester of a journalism major's 4 years. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy. Actually, the stress got to me around April when the work began to pile up and club volleyball became more intense as nationals got nearer.

This summer should provide a much needed break from the stresses of Los Angeles and USC. I can't wait to be back there because by that time it will be football season, but until then I don't mind taking some time to be back in Dallas.

I've already got a decent job with the same marketing corporation I worked with last year. I have an interview set up for a local radio station and should get the position. I do, however, need to find some time to get in shape if I want to have a shot at making the varsity volleyball team next year - something I didn't do a great job of last summer.

It's amazing to think that I'm half way through my college career. We'll see how the second half of that goes starting next fall, but until then I just plan on relaxing and enjoying my summer.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wrap Party

Who really needs words for these pictures. Just be glad it wasn't you...this time!

Let the madness begin...

You know it's a party when Mike shows up...

Which paper did you think Albert would read...

When you gotta go...

Jeff's plans for self-defense involve pretending to be an ostrich...

With so much paper inside the car, there was really only one way we could think of to make sure the doors didn't just BUST open...


With exams over for me, this may have been my swan song for the year. It's been fun. And - I guess - that's a wrap!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Easy information

Yesterday I was studying in a room in WPH - a building on campus - and Brad was going to bring me food from Wendy's. Apparently, Brad didn't understand the directions I gave him to this building, so he asked a friend of his who I'd never talked to before to relay the building's location through him to Brad. When I "guessed" Brad's friend's name, he was amazed. He shouldn't have been, though...

CheesyAtOSU: Hey, tell Brad where WPH 207 is
JFeld127: huh?
CheesyAtOSU: brad wants to know where WPH is
JFeld127: who is this?
CheesyAtOSU: I'm a Beaver
JFeld127: i figured as much
CheesyAtOSU: USC Men's Volleyball sucks
JFeld127: i'm gonna guess tim rodman
JFeld127: yeah it does. we haven't won more than 7 games in 4 years!
CheesyAtOSU: that's a pretty damn good guess
CheesyAtOSU: pull that one out of the air?? :)
JFeld127: or off your profile where it says "facebook me"
CheesyAtOSU: damn profiles
JFeld127: yeah
JFeld127: anyway i gotta get back to studying but enjoy your afternoon and be gald you aren't stuck with the work i have.
CheesyAtOSU: got a lot, eh?
Auto response from JFeld127: party in WPH 207. damn it brad, you know where this is!

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