Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hey, infidelity fanatics...

I read an article in the Dallas morning news about new gift cards specifically made for cheaters and couldn't believe it.

According to the company's Website, the Secret Lover Collection "is designed to capture and express the unique emotional bond and intensity between lovers involved in an affair, allowing them to express their feelings for the first time through inspiring, emotion-driven, “me-to-you” greeting cards featuring distinctive original artwork."


I understand that our country has a 50% divorce rate, but now there are specifically made cards for people having affairs!!! Does anything about that bother anyone else? The impressive/disturbing thing about this product is that there is clearly a market for it.

I've never been a big card person. I usually look to give someone a funny card, and then I'll write a more personal message in there. If you take a look at those card racks at drugs stores and grocery stores, it seems like there's a card for everyone.

Apparently there wasn't.

Don't worry though, because with these new cards, you can find the perfect way to say "I love you" to that special someone you never want your girlfriend to know about. sweet.

What a friggen joke!

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