Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Easy information

Yesterday I was studying in a room in WPH - a building on campus - and Brad was going to bring me food from Wendy's. Apparently, Brad didn't understand the directions I gave him to this building, so he asked a friend of his who I'd never talked to before to relay the building's location through him to Brad. When I "guessed" Brad's friend's name, he was amazed. He shouldn't have been, though...

CheesyAtOSU: Hey, tell Brad where WPH 207 is
JFeld127: huh?
CheesyAtOSU: brad wants to know where WPH is
JFeld127: who is this?
CheesyAtOSU: I'm a Beaver
JFeld127: i figured as much
CheesyAtOSU: USC Men's Volleyball sucks
JFeld127: i'm gonna guess tim rodman
JFeld127: yeah it does. we haven't won more than 7 games in 4 years!
CheesyAtOSU: that's a pretty damn good guess
CheesyAtOSU: pull that one out of the air?? :)
JFeld127: or off your profile where it says "facebook me"
CheesyAtOSU: damn profiles
JFeld127: yeah
JFeld127: anyway i gotta get back to studying but enjoy your afternoon and be gald you aren't stuck with the work i have.
CheesyAtOSU: got a lot, eh?
Auto response from JFeld127: party in WPH 207. damn it brad, you know where this is!

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