Tuesday, August 30, 2005

...next class...

Today during two of my classes as the respective professors neared the end of the allotted class time, my ears perked up at the mention of two words: next class. The worst part was that these teachers weren't saying that they would "see you next class." Instead, they mentioned something they would be discussing during the next class period despite the fact they were not yet ready to end the current class.

As a student who is bored to death in a class I am required to take, that's just the worst thing a professor can do. I hear the words "next class" and the assumption is that we have reached the point where it is okay to break until our next session. Example:

"While it is important to realize the focus of market failures, that is something we will discuss next class."

At this point, the sentence I know I was expecting sounded something like this:

"But that's it for today. See you Thursday."


"But what we do need to understand now is that..." and continue on for another 20 minutes.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Conference of Champions pictures

The boys of Lewisville were in Austin earlier this week for the Conference of Champions. Unlike last year, we decided to stay at a nice hotel as opposed to the Austin Motel.

Brian, Josh and Dustin hanging out at the UT student union.

G-money, Gaven Norris.

Josh and Gaven

Josh and OKC DM J-Whit, Johnathan Whitman.

Stephanie Carpenter and Texoma DVM John Carpenter

Shea, Steven and Josh

Steven, Zapata, Josh and Shea

Brian with Lewisville sweethearts Missy and Randi

Kafui, Hung and Brian Cluff stand tall in the face of adversity (and by adversity, I mean the smoke detector they disabled to smoke)

Lacey and Angela

Jason and Jarred sing

Missy and Mike

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Road trip pics back to LA

I said goodbye to my parents and we hit the road.

We couldn't get very far without some food, so we decided to stop at Sonic.

I started off driving and got us from my parents house in Dallas to Amarillo before stopping to fill up the gas tank and switch drivers.

Andrew took the wheel.

I took a nap.

Once we got to Amarillo, we started to see some weird things, such as nine pink Cadillacs that seemingly fell from the sky...

...a flaming truck...

...a truck driver who respects his roots...

...a big ball...

...tee pees...

...and flashing lights along the highway for decoration.

After driving in and out of rainstorms all day - including a torential downpour just outside Albuquerque that left us nearly stranded at a gas station that was out of gas during the storm - Andrew and I made it to the Continental Divide, which was kinda cool.

Here's Andrew's continental divide.

So I resumed driving responsibilities as we drove on. Andrew thought I was some sort of king and decided to make me a crown....and coke. Just kidding. But it did make a cool hat.

As we drove into the night, Andrew did what he had done so very well the entire trip...sleep. zzzzzzzz

We made it to Holbrook, Ariz. for dinner at Denny's. At that point, we had driven 875 miles from my parent's house in Dallas. I woke up Andrew and we went inside to eat. The less-than-gracious hostess seated us and we ordered our food. I was really excited about the nachos because of the picture. I shoulda known better. It was not what I'd call good eatin'.

As I slept, Andrew drove us 90 miles into Flagstaff, but really all I wanted was for him to get me "as far away from that Denny's as possible!" Thanks, Andrew. Once we got to Flagstaff, I went from inn to inn looking for a room, but for some reason they were all full. We eventually found a Howard Johnson Inn to crash at. It was a pretty sketchy place, but then again, our goal was to end up at the USC campus, so being in a sketchy place was just something we would have to get used to. After seven hours of sleep, we hit the road. It was 7am, and we were LA bound!

We did think about stealing a bike before heading out, but common sense - and the unwillingness to become buddies with a large man with a monosyllabic name who wouldn't care to learn ours as he destroyed us - told us to just get in the car and get back on the road.

Before leaving Flagstaff, we put some gas in the Prius (yeah, you actually have to do that once in a while).

We also put some food in our stomachs at Burger King. Hooray for french toast sticks!

In the Burger King parking lot, Andrew and I got to wondering where the front of this car went. Maybe we would find in on the way to Los Angeles.

As we left Flagstaff, we realized we had a long way to go.

I drove 147 miles from Flagstaff to Kingman, Ariz. before deciding to stop and switch. Andrew wanted to stop 15 miles earlier at a rest stop to go to the bathroom, but when we saw a billboard for a Cracker Barrel in Kingman just 15 miles away, he decided to hold it.

In Kingman, Andrew spotted a rehab center and decided to check in for obvious reasons.

But who was I to judge him.

When we got out of rehab, Andrew took the wheel and drove the 206 miles from Kingman to Barstow, Calif. where I had been planning on stopping since I left California in May. There, we would hit the first In-n-Out Burger on our route.

In California, we saw a weird golf cart with green flames painted on it.

The view was pretty good too.

Oh deer!

We found my street in California, but unfortunately we were still not in LA, so we continued west.

We rolled into LA 1433.6 miles and 31 hours later. It's good to be back.

Home Sweet Home

I have checked in to my apartment at USC. For the second straight year, I'm going to be living in Cardinal Gardens. The best part is, I'm going to be living in the exact same apartment. Not an apartment with the same floor plan. The same apartment.

When I checked in at the CSC and saw my name next to a familiar apartment number, I got really excited. I loved my apartment last year. The location was great. I was pretty sure any other apartment in Cardinal Gardens would be not as good. Turns out it didn't matter. I'm back to where I was last year.

There was definitely a feeling of security going back into my old apartment. It was weird though, seeing everything clean and not having people ask about the smell.

But it is my home, and I'm glad to be back. I'm really looking forward to another great year out at USC.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Scholarship Race (update)

With only three weeks left in the summer campaign, it's becoming a really tight race for a scholarship. Both Jordy and I have solidified spots in the top 50 for now, but he is already back at school and I'm leaving Saturday.

Hopefully, we've both done enough this summer to each be a winner. Here's this weeks numbers:

June 24 ***** 106 *************** 11,025
July 1 ******* 42 **************** 16,523
July 8 ******* 44 **************** 19,114
July 15 ****** 34 **************** 23,162
July 22 ****** 30 **************** 27,123
July 29******* 27 *************** 30,647
August 5 ***** 29 **************** 32,055

June 10******140 ****************6,402
June 17******111 ****************8,854
June 24 ***** 102 *************** 11,232
July 1 *******140 ****************11,232
July 8 ******* 143 **************** 12,901
July 15 ****** 126 **************** 14,925
July 22 ****** 47 **************** 23,391
July 29*******33*************** 29,039
August 5 ***** 30 *************** 31,888

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A costly typo

You've gotta read this story about a Kansas newspaper's typo leading to a woman's possession being stolen. Because of the paper, people took $3,500 worth of stuff and her kitty. That sucks.

Anyway, check it out.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pictures from SCII

Josh gets his personal sales trophy from Lloyd Reagan at SCII. Push report: $7,454.

Johnathan Whitman (Oklahoma City DM), Brian Dunivant (Lewisville DM), Josh (SFSM Lewisville) and Jordy Bernhard (Lewisville SA) each celebrate an SCII victory.

  • Whitman's office was the top new office for the conference.
  • Dunivant's office won the second consecutive summer conference push.
  • I took home top team-builder honors as my personal recruit (Zach Shor) and I beat second place by $5K.
  • Jordy Bernhard did what everyone knew he could as he turned in a $15,000 push report to win the conference's personal sales push.

Josh and Anna enjoy cruising around Dallas in the party bus after Summer Conference II.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Scholarship race update

Vector released updated All-American standings last Friday, and I'm proud to say that I am one of two Lewisville reps on the list. Yeah, I know I'd be on it this week, but there's another rep in our office who's busted his ass this summer - Jordy Bernhard. This guy is a stud when it comes to shipping blades, and this summer he is getting the recognition he deserves.

Congratulations Jordy! Keep it up!

June 24 ***** 106 *************** 11,025
July 1 ******* 42 **************** 16,523
July 8 ******* 44 **************** 19,114
July 15 ****** 34 **************** 23,162
July 22 ****** 30 **************** 27,123
July 29*******27****************30,647

June 10******140 ****************6,402
June 17******111 ****************8,854
June 24 ***** 102 *************** 11,232
July 1 *******140 ****************11,232
July 8 ******* 143 **************** 12,901
July 15 ****** 126 **************** 14,925
July 22 ****** 47 **************** 23,391
July 29*******33*************** 29,039

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