Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pictures from SCII

Josh gets his personal sales trophy from Lloyd Reagan at SCII. Push report: $7,454.

Johnathan Whitman (Oklahoma City DM), Brian Dunivant (Lewisville DM), Josh (SFSM Lewisville) and Jordy Bernhard (Lewisville SA) each celebrate an SCII victory.

  • Whitman's office was the top new office for the conference.
  • Dunivant's office won the second consecutive summer conference push.
  • I took home top team-builder honors as my personal recruit (Zach Shor) and I beat second place by $5K.
  • Jordy Bernhard did what everyone knew he could as he turned in a $15,000 push report to win the conference's personal sales push.

Josh and Anna enjoy cruising around Dallas in the party bus after Summer Conference II.


Anonymous said...

shes a lot hotter than the last chick. nice job perks man.

Anonymous said...

JOSH- the last person has their own opinion about looks, personally since i am a girl i have no opinion on which girl looks better with you. But since the last girl broke your heart, and said the things that she did, ANY GIRL IS BETTER THAN HER. Anyone who has met you, knows that you are the single greatest guy in the world and not only that, you let alice say all of those harsh things and you didn't bring you self down to her level. Maybe that is just the way your family is, raising their child to grow up with respect and maturity for everyone, even little twits. This is not only my opinion but Camia's also. We love you and you have real friends, maybe when alice grows up she'll learn what a mistake she's made.

Alice said...

brandie- im glad you think that your opinions need to be shared with the world because butting into other peoples business is not an attractive quality. As a older and more mature person, you should know that one should not make snap judgements about others based on partial information. however, since you apparently missed that lesson in preschool ill stoop to your level: get out of my business you nosy bitch, and when i need a phone answered or a memo written, then maybe you'll be needed. until then, stick to being a receptionist instead of worrying about other peoples problems.

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