Monday, August 22, 2005

Conference of Champions pictures

The boys of Lewisville were in Austin earlier this week for the Conference of Champions. Unlike last year, we decided to stay at a nice hotel as opposed to the Austin Motel.

Brian, Josh and Dustin hanging out at the UT student union.

G-money, Gaven Norris.

Josh and Gaven

Josh and OKC DM J-Whit, Johnathan Whitman.

Stephanie Carpenter and Texoma DVM John Carpenter

Shea, Steven and Josh

Steven, Zapata, Josh and Shea

Brian with Lewisville sweethearts Missy and Randi

Kafui, Hung and Brian Cluff stand tall in the face of adversity (and by adversity, I mean the smoke detector they disabled to smoke)

Lacey and Angela

Jason and Jarred sing

Missy and Mike

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