Wednesday, May 18, 2005


As a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan, there is one aspect of the organization that I have never really been a big fan of. Not the fact that former star Michael Irvin got in some off-field trouble. Not the fact that former coach Barry Switzer was caught at DFW airport with a hand-gun in his bag (Jerry Jones told him it was a hair-dryer - zing!). But the Cowboy's mascot Rowdy, or Ass-whip as he is referred to on a local sports radio station, makes me want to puke.

He has been an embarrassment to Cowboys fans across the country. Think about it, how many mascots do you know get ejected from a football game...twice??? Head coach Bill Parcells even kicked him out of a practice for what Parcells called "time management" issues. Other teams have good, respectable mascots. I think it's time America's Team got a mascot that fans can respect (or at least tolerate).

I think that Cowboys fans across the world should rise up and protest Rowdy's existance. Plus, we all know that the true Dallas Cowboy's mascot is Crazy Ray, the guy in the endzone who always came dressed to impress in the Wild West.

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