Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stupid schedulers 2.0

Just a few days ago, I posted an entry about my feelings towards customers who make appointments with me and then no-show. Basically, I'm not a fan. I actually posted that entry in direct response to a certain customer - who shall remain nameless - telling me at the door that she forgot I was coming by and was on her way out the door.

As frustrating as it was to face this woman telling me that I wouldn't be making a sale to her today, I still set up a time with her for me to come back and do my demo. Unfortunately the time we set up didn't end up working out, so two days ago I called her to reschedule for today.

When I got to her house today, the lady's son was in the driveway on his way out. He asked what I was doing at his house, and when I told him I had an appointment with his mom, he told me that she wasn't home. FANTASTIC! So he got her on the phone, and she said that I could call her tonight to set up a time.

Ideally we can get something set.


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