Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hometown Hero

I'm here at my internship at 570 KLIF where they just had Richard Howell on the air. That name may not mean much to anyone outside of Dallas, but after yesterday afternoon this man's life changed forever.

The Ankarlo Mornings show just had him on talking about his heoric efforts after yesterday's tragic daycare disaster where a car crashed through a window into the main play area of the Dream House Learning Center.

Howell, who owns a barber shop across the street, rushed over after the crash and helped get two trapped children out from the car. He and four others lifted the car, allowing others to get the children out from under the car.

This morning, Howell spent some time on the radio telling about what happened yesterday in the aftermath of the crash. He seemed pretty humble about it all. Darrell Ankarlo, the morning show host, allowed Howell to plug his barber shop (The Platinum barbershop). I've never met Richard Howell, and I most likely never will, but for his actions in the wake of yesterday's disaster, I have the utmost respect for him.

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