Monday, January 08, 2007

The Bobble

So a playoff win slipped past the Cowboys and through the fingers of Tony Romo. I'm not gonna lie. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Not just for Romo, but for the entire Cowboys fan base.

We've been waiting for a decade for our next playoff win, and after "the bobble" we must wait at least one more year.

But while many analysts were quick to point to that play as Romo's defining moment this season, I have to disagree.

This year, Romo proved that he has what it takes to be the quarterback in Dallas. Without him, the 'Boys may not have even made the playoffs. Making the Pro Bowl was no fluke; the final five games of the season were.

The Bobble will not be as catastrophic as "The Catch," which not only launched a dynasty but crumbled another at once. Instead, it will most likely be looked back at as Romo's humble beginnings after a career of success.

Will he ever win a Super Bowl? Who knows. That can never be predicted. After all, , Fran Tarkenton, Warren Moon and Dan Marino don't have championship rings while Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer and Ben Roethlisberger do.

But Dallasites will be able to look back and - perhaps not laugh, but at least - stomach the pain of The Bobble.

Romo has his entire career ahead of him. Cowboys fans can only hope he can hang on for the ride.

Anyone who says Romo shouldn't have been holding because he's the starting quarterback is simply wrong. As radical an idea as it was to change quarterbacks in mid-season, and as radical as it was to change kickers, it would have been more radical to switch holders as well.

Romo had not had a holding miscue all season long. Next season, I think he should be seven yards behind center to hold again. Having the starting quarterback as the holding always leaves the option for creative and high-probability fakes.

Romo dropped one ball. It was magnified because it was in the playoffs for the most widely known football franchise in America. I would expect him to have the same dual-role next season. He'll once again prove the doubters wrong, and hold on for victory in Dallas.

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