Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ready to recover

It's been a while since my ankle injury last October. Since then, I've been on crutches, in a giant boot, and feeling somewhat helpless. And quite frankly, I'm ready to get back. I'm ready to be 100% again.
That's why I'm saying right here for everyone to see that by May 11, 2007 - the date of commencement here at USC - I will be not only fully recovered, but I will also be back in shape. Not just in shape, physically fit. I'm talking about the condition I was in back when I was on the volleyball team. Back when working out three days a week wasn't torture; it was standard. Back when I could jump higher, run faster, lift more.

It's very easy to set a goal and not follow through when no one else knows that you're trying to accomplish something. When you make it known, you have to follow through. You at least have to try.

I have to do this. For years I have been somewhat critical of the fact that so much of this country is considered overweight and/or obese. Well, I'm not going to allow myself to fall into that category. I'm not going to become a hypocritical jerk. Oh, I'll still be a jerk, just not a hypocritical one.

I'm going to accomplish this. I'm going to get back in shape. I'm going to lose the excess pounds. I may not ever get back my 36" vertical jump (who says white men can't jump?), but I will get back feeling like I could.

It's time to make it happen. Commencement is 88 days away. Let's get it started.

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