Monday, July 09, 2007

Where I've been

To my faithful readers -

I don't mean to be neglecting you. For the past few months now I've been working with the Orange County Flyers professional baseball team. It's been very exciting, but also very time-consuming. This is by no means a notice of the discontinuation of No Joshin'. This is merely to say that I'm aware I've been letting you down the past few weeks. There's been a lot to cover. Michael Vick. Barry Bonds. Venus winning at Wimbledon.

I've had so much to say and just no time to say it. So right now all I ask is that you be patient with me and continue to check in time to time. I hope to be getting back to the blogosphere on a regular basis very soon.

In the mean time to get your fill, check out or better yet come to a Flyers game. I'm the on-field MC, so you'll see plenty of me in between innings. As a reader of this blog, I'll reward you. Contact me (either by leaving a comment or emailing me) and I'll get you free tickets to a Flyers game this season.

I can't guarantee tickets for Aug. 11 (but it never hurts to ask). Any other date on our schedule will be fine.

Thanks you for being a loyal reader here at No Joshin', and I look forward to getting back to you soon. Until then, GO FLYERS!

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