Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cotton Bowl renovated now?

I didn't want to see the Cotton Bowl go, but in an age where stadiums full of history and tradition are closing down in favor of new super-venues, we must all realize that the wheels of progress stop for no one.

That's why I had to double-take when looking at pictures of the Cotton Bowl's new upper deck end zone seats.  This place is HUGE!  Heck, move the Cowboys back to Fair Park.

Well, we all know that's going going to happen.  The City of Dallas had its chance to land the Cowboys and return the team to its named city for the first time since 1970.  Instead, those that ran Dallas couldn't get things together, decided that there were more important issues, and they balked.  Jerry took America's Team to Arlington, and the new Cowboys stadium opens next year.  So then why did the City of Dallas decide NOW - with the Cotton Bowl (the game, not the stadium) moving after one more classic in Fair Park to Arlington - to renovate the 73-year-old stadium?

I remember my Dad telling me how they added the upper decks along the sidelines when SMU Football was the hottest ticket in Texas, and the Cowboys called the Cotton Bowl home for their first 10 seasons, but now with all that history moving away from Fair Park, what is the logic of the city sinking $50 million into the venue?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset that they did this.  I'm upset that they did not NOW and not seven, eight, nine, 10 years ago when the stadium could have been potentially saved.  I have to agree with Richie Whitt of the Dallas Observer as he notes that the new capacity is unnecessary and overblown (click for article)...
And don’t tell me the fifty mill is a wise investment. From my viewpoint here atop Mount Commonfriggin’sense, Dallas has built a bigger stadium to accommodate smaller games. Genius. Texas-OU is here through 2015, but the other games on the Cotton Bowl docket: Prairie View-Grambling, East Central State-Texas A&M Commerce, and Texas Southern-Pine Bluff. Combine those three crowds and you won’t touch 92,000.

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