Monday, January 19, 2009

Todd Haley troubles

So Arizona Cardinal Anquan Boldin got into a dispute with his offensive coordinator Todd Haley during the NFC Championship game. Boldin was clearly going back and forth with Haley on the sideline while the game was still in progress and very much in doubt.

Did I mention Boldin a wide receiver?

I know that the whole "Cardinals in the Super Bowl" thing is hard to believe, so at least we have a very realistic "unhappy wide receiver" story to follow over the next two weeks. Boldin was (and I'm betting still is) upset over his (lack of) playing time down the stretch of the NFC Championship game. Nevermind the fact that his team made it to the freaking Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history. That's irrelevant. Why wasn't Boldin on the field?!

I'd expect this sort of "put me in coach" attitude from the local kindergarden soccer team or even from a certain receiver in Texas, but even said receiver wouldn't throw this sort of hissy fit after earning a trip to the Super Bowl, right?

Then again, there is always the possibility - seriously, don't rule it out - that this is all Todd Haley's fault. Let's not forget, he was the wide receivers coach in Dallas when an afforementioned receiver had a dispute with Haley. I know, I know, no one gets along with T.O., but Haley did break his promise of confidentiality in Dallas.

This should die down over the next few days despite the increasing media blitz created by the bright lights of the Super Bowl. But in the mean time, perhaps Boldin and Haley should sit down and use their words like big boys instead of sideline name calling. If the Cardinals are going to beat Pittsburgh in two weeks, let's face it, Larry Fitzgerald will be the WR making the big plays Boldin will have to find a way to contribute and not disrupt the Cardinals offense. And Todd Haley might want to try keeping his cool too.


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