Sunday, August 21, 2011

And In Other Sports News...A Post By Vanessa.


Aaaaaand you probably don't care. I know, I know, it's football season and there was a lockout and O-M-G aren't we all excited that there is a season this year (as if there was ever actually a chance they wouldn't sort that out in time to make MORE money), but it's here and there are somethings you should know:

  1. Team USA qualified to play!
  2. Game #2 is against the first time qualifying Russia. EFF THE RUSSIANS AND THEIR WORLD CUP ASPIRATIONS.
  3. The Eagles (you guys) have a legitimate chance of getting out of their bracket.
  4. If they do they will more than likely play South Africa... and lose. Sorry, beating the RWC 2007 champs is a long shot.
  5. You should follow and support them anyway- they are representing your country, get behind your flag.
  6. I'm South African-hence the "you guys" and "you" references to America.

Go Eagles!

PS. Your rugby jerseys are SWEEEEET.

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