Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bitter old woman

After reading about the two girls ordered to pay $900 in medical bills for a neighbor they "startled", I realized that it's that type of neighbor, that type of person that is really ruining this country.

If you haven't heard about this, the two girls baked cookies and decided to deliver them to neighbors as a surprise. They would ring the doorbell and when someone answered the door: COOKIES!

How great is that! I would love someone in my neighborhood who just randomly delivered homemade chocolate chip cookies. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn't like that ... other than 49-year-old Wanita Renea Young.

When the two girls rang Young's front door, Young asked who was there, but the girls didn't respond because they wanted to cookies to be a surprise. Young got scared because she saw the "shadowy figures" and decided to spend the night at her sister's house. In the morning, she went to the hospital because she had an upset stomach and was still unnerved by the encounter from the night before.

The judge ordered the girls pay the medical bills but didn't award any punitive damages. He said he didn't think the girls acted maliciously.

Here's what I don't understand: HOW THE HELL DOES SOME MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN DECIDE TO SUE TWO GIRLS FOR BAKING HER COOKIES!!! Was she joking? The girls baked her cookies, she got spooked and decided to sue! That's ludicrous. I can't believe that someone would actually do this.

If I realized that what I thought was a burglar or a potential intruder to my home turned out to be two girls delivering cookies, I'd probably go over there and ask them for the cookies I never got! I certainly wouldn't sue.

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Jeff said...

A true sign of the times, man. Getting easier and easier to win damages for whatever you want. Heck, you or I could probably find something from our pasts to win damages over.

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