Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Terrorists attack toy

The United States is doing pretty well in the war on terror when the enemy is now attempting to hold our toys hostage. An Islamist web site posted a picture of a toy soldier, what a representative from Dragon Models USA said appeared to "Special Ops Cody", with a gun pointed at this head.

I don't know if the operation to rescue Cody is underway, but when the enemy is resorting to holding plastic replicas of our soldiers hostage, it sends me the message that we are nearing the end of this battle against terrorism.

Here's the picture of the toy soldier that was posted on the Islamist web site.
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Here is Special Ops Cody covered in plastic preparing for a mission.
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Take a look at Special Ops Cody's equipment!
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I do think it is a serious matter when any human soldier is captured and held hostage by terrorists, so please don't comment saying that I have no remorse for captured soldiers. I just think that the fact that terrorists had to settle for a toy is somewhat stupid. It was a good attempted bluff on their part, but these America-hating bastards don't know what they're up against. God Bless the USA.


Dara said...
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Dara said...

I'm telling mom u cussed on your blog.
Your favourite sister.
(But I agree, that's F*** up)

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