Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Forget your agenda and help out

On my way to class today, I encountered a pair of students who asked if I was interested in helping victims of hurricane Katrina. Of course I stopped.

"We need to get President Bush out of office," the girl said.


Apparently - and I didn't know this until just this afternoon when I had this encounter - it's entirely President Bush's fault that a hurricane hit the gulf coast. Then while there was a hurricane, he scaled the outside of the Superdome to tear off half the roof. He also had the electricity companies turn off power to hundreds of thousands of gulf coast residents.

Actually, despite what these two told me, I'm pretty sure the storm did all that. Granted, they didn't say it exactly like that, but that was their point. Bush was responsible for this and he should be removed from office.

What is wrong with these people? Bodies are floating down streets in New Orleans - a city that is 60 percent under water - and these people feel the best response is the remove the President from office. I don't even like President Bush, but how can these idiots think that anti-Bush propaganda will help Katrina's victims.

If I'm now homeless because of the hurricane, I don't care what's going on in Washington as long as it leads to me getting food, water and shelter. The fact that these people thought they were helping the hurricane relief by trying to generate animosity towards the president for a natural disaster (note: a natural disaster is one that is of natural causes) is unbelieveable.

If you really want to help, donate a dollar, five dollars, food, clothes, anything. But don't waste time with your petty political bullshit. That's the last thing victims of this storm need.

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