Thursday, May 08, 2008

TEX 5, SEA 0: Stupid Sexson

What was Richie Sexson thinking?

The 11-year veteran should know better than to charge the mound after a pitch by Kason Gabbard that didn't even seem to brush him back (VIDEO). Was it high? Yes. High for someone of Sexson's height (6'8")? Yes. But did it seem to merit charging the mound? Absolutely not.

And not only that, but the Seattle Mariner decided to take off his helmet and fling it at Gabbard while he was running toward the mound. Um, excuse me? He didn't even look like someone who knew how to charge the mound. He looked like a crazy person in the purist sense of the word. The pitch didn't really look like it was near him, but I guess Sexson felt it was a revenge pitch perhaps (two Rangers had already been plunked ... then again, TEX already had a 4-0 lead too).

Apparently the Rangers broadcaster called out Sexson for his best attempt at personifying the phrase "crazy train."

The brawl-sparking Sexson also perplexed Dallas Morning News blogger Richard Durrett.

I had to go back to the DMN Rangers blog and several other online sources to look for what exactly caused Sexson to apparently flip out and go after Gabbard. I couldn't find anything. The article on the Mariners team website even notes that the pitch wasn't much of a threat to Sexson.

SEATTLE -- Mariners first baseman Richie Sexson precipitated a bench-clearing incident in the fourth inning Thursday night, when he charged the mound after ducking away from a high pitch thrown by Rangers left-hander Kason Gabbard.

The first pitch of the at-bat wasn't that far inside, but Sexson threw down his bat, removed his helmet, charged the mound, threw his helmet at the pitcher and then wrestled Gabbard to the ground.

The 5-0 win gives the Rangers a series win over Seattle, putting them in 3rd in the AL West.  Texas is still six games back of Oakland and LA/Anaheim, but they have shown great signs of life over the last week or so.  Granted, the Rangers did commit an error in tonight's game (surprise!), but it didn't come back to hurt them on the scoreboard.

Also keep in mind tonight's win was without All-Star SS Michael Young (hip flexor, day-to-day).  Great outing by Gabbard tonight, despite having to leave after his leg started bothering him after the scuffle.

Rangers 5, Mariners 0 (recap) (box score)

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