Thursday, May 01, 2008

VOW: Mavericks Memories

This week's VOW offers a triple-dose of Mavs Memories from the turn of the century. Back then, Dirk had a crewcut and guys named Finley and Nash were celebrated in Dallas.

Here's a clip of rookie Dirk in the rookie-sophomore game. I was astonished by him going to the rim. Not the Dirk we see these days (granted, this was in an exhibition game)

Remember the 2001 playoff win over Utah in Game 5? So great. Reunion Arena was truly rockin. Watch this video from 2:59 to 3:46 to avoid all the other fluff. How weird is it that I will never forget the name of Calvin Booth.

One year later, the Mavericks were back in the playoffs and taking it to the T-Wolves in the first round. Some of Michael Finley's dunks in this clip look like something the current Mavs only dream of. And the circus shot Steve Nash gets to drop is something out of a pipe dream (*cough* Josh Howard *cough)

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