Sunday, February 01, 2009

NBC Super Bowl Coverage Notes

The Helmet Catch

NBC aired a 5 minute package about last season's Super Bowl game-changing play when Eli Manning escaped a sure sack and completed a miracle pass to receiver David Tyree, who clutched the ball against his helmet as he was flung to the ground. The completion on 3rd down allowed the Giants the chance to win the game and defeat the 18-0 AFC Champion Patriots.

But the most disturbing part of the entire story... NBC continually referring to this play as a play that has "become known as 'The Catch.'" Since when?! "The Catch" occurred when the 49ers' Dwight Clark caught a ball in the back of the end zone from Joe Montana to send San Francisco to its first Super Bowl. Tyree made a great catch, but it wasn't The catch.

President Obama

During his pre-game interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, President Barack Obama commented about the cover of "Us" weekly on how he was cropped out of a photo of his family. Instead the magazine cover featured a sidebar of Jessica Simpson with the words "Weight Battle" in large bold pink block lettering. When Lauer said, "you were replaced by Jessica Simpson," Obama chuckled and responded with, "yes, who's apparently in a weight battle." Give it 48 hours before Romo breaks up with her.

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