Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stubborn Super Bowl viewing

It's finally here. Super Bowl XLIII.

After two weeks of waiting, the Arizona Cardinals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. So how will this break down...

The Cardinals offense against the Steelers defense serves as the main appetizer. Kurt Warner's story is of course remarkable. The link of Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt to Pittsburgh as a former Bill Cowher assistant adds in a few wrinkles. Will this be Edgerine James' opportunity to get the ring the Colts won without him two years ago? A win most likely solidifies Warner's Hall of Fame chances. A win makes Ben Roethlisberger on his way to becoming Tom Brady 2.0. Etc, etc.

So much fun to look forward to.

Now there are a few things I don't like about the Super Bowl. I don't like how everyone watches it. I like football. I like more people watching football. But I don't like people watching football who not only don't know anything about football, but don't try to know anything about it either. And what's worse is those same morons try to pretend to actually know what they're talking about while the game is in progress.

Comments like "I'm rooting for the Steelers because they have a better name than the Cardinals" should not be tolerated. That's okay logic for a girl picking teams in a March Madness pool, but not for the Super Bowl! And yet, it's all too routine. Or the people who come to Super Bowl parties and talk during the game. No, I know I'm a talkative person. But if I'm talking during the Super Bowl, it's with at least some purpose. Two years ago when Devin Hester took the opening kick off back for a TD in Super Bowl XLI, I pointed out to all my friends that this was the first KR TD to open a Super Bowl. Three minutes later, Fox put that stat across the screen. But I don't want to hear about how your boss is being a jerk while the teams are on the field.

The commercials are funny. I like to watch the commercials. I laugh at them. But the commercials are NOT the only reason to gather around the TV. If you're just watching so you can talk about the commercials at the water cool, and you don't actually have any interest, I'd rather you watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and be proud of it. Heck, the Puppy Bowl is really entertaining. It's cute. It's cuddly. It's awww. But enough already. The focus should be on the game. Not which dancing animals are plugging Pepsi this year. Good lord.

So as you kick back and enjoy what should really be a national holiday, make sure you keep your Super Bowl viewing party in line. Bathroom breaks at halftime only, not during the game so you "don't miss any commercials." No asking when Kurt Warner broke up with Ivan Drago (it's the same woman). Don't try to spell Roethlisberger -- you won't succeed. And for God sake, learn your Roman Numerals, because writing "Super Bowl 43" is absolutely not acceptable.

No Joshin prediction: Cardinals 27, Steelers 22

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Janna said...

I also have a tendency to/talent for spouting off stats or comments moments before some talking head on ESPN steals it from me. We should start our own sports network, Josh, we'd be unstoppable! :P

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