Monday, March 23, 2009

Ice Bowl Battle along I-10

Driving back to LA from Phoenix yesterday, I saw this guy: a motorist with a big Packers logo sticker on his rear window and a license plate reading "ICE BOWL" on his bumper. As a good Cowboys fan, I only had one choice. My girlfriend pulled a sheet of poster board from the back seat, grabbed a sharpie, and went to work...

Moments later, our "KRAMER WAS OFFSIDES" anti-Ice-Bowl poster was complete. Now to catch up to the Packer-backer.

There he is. Within our sights. Memories of the 1967 frozen classic replaying in my head. Bart Starr diving into the end zone behind a blatantly offsides Jerry Kramer. The (deliberately?) frozen field. I feel that perhaps my redemption is finally coming to fruition.

The Packer fans laughed, gave us a thumbs up, and gestured for us to hold the poster up again so they could take a picture of it. I figure if you've got a license plate reading "ICE BOWL" then having a Cowboys fan pull up along side you and taunt you is pretty much the goal you're going for.

As I told my girlfriend - a big time Dodgers fan, it'd be like if she was driving and saw a car with San Francisco Giants logos on it and a license plate reading "BONDS 762" ... she would be compelled to hold up a sign with either an asterisk or the word "steroids" on it.

This might be the coolest thing I've ever done when driving across the country.


mannyrique said...

You're completely right. I am a die hard dodger fan and would do the same as you.

Hague said...

That's freaking awesome. As a fellow Cowboys fan, thank you for doing what's right.

Anonymous said...

very clever. Just watched the clip and gonna have to disagree with ya there Bobs. Onsides all the way. One of the best clutch blocks ever.

Anonymous said...


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