Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cutting Owens a mistake

Cutting Terrell Owens is a mistake the Cowboys are too vain to make. The organization hasn't suffered any Owens-sized distractions as the Eagles or 49ers had to deal with. Yes, there have been bumps in the road, but it has been worth it. Owens has been uber-productive in his three seasons with a star on his helmet. Sure he has dropped passes, but he's made up for it with big plays.

And the Cowboys, thinking they have the answer with Roy Williams (WR version) are clearly putting their eggs in that basket. Nevermind Williams was slightly less than an afterthought in the Cowboys offense last season. Sure, he wasn't in camp with the team and didn't already have the rapport with QB Tony Romo, but he's got a long way to go to match the productivity Owens provided Dallas the last three seasons.

Terrell Owens will most likely continue his hall of fame career somewhere else next season. He's too good to simply be passed over by the entire NFL. But the Cowboys future is much more uncertain. Romo now must step up as the unquestioned leader of the offense. Last season until Romo's injury, Owens was arguably the biggest key to the Cowboys offense (and then we learned just how bad the backup QB position really could be). The 2009 NFL season could officially close the window on this Cowboys squad unless this gamble pays off. Does one player really make or break an NFL team? It's entirely possible.

And unless Romo builds his relationship with Roy Williams while continuing to lean heavily on tight end Jason Witten, the Cowboys offense could suffer the blow up everyone expected during the last three seasons.


Anonymous said...

I bet the Cleveland Browns win more games than the Cowboys next season. Roy Williams (WR) is way past his prime if he ever had a prime and Romo gets benched half way through the season. This combined with the lack of naming rights deal on JerryWorld leads to a forced sale of the team by Jones to the Federal Government as a new bailout to save "America's Team."

joe caca said...

"Anonymous......lay off the crack
buddy. I will put up my first born up against your first born....(that is if you have any "cajones" to father a first born) that the Cowboys will have a better record than the Browns this upcoming season.

Anonymous said...


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