Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bubble breaks at Cowboys practice

What a scary day in Dallas as spring storms thrashed the D/FW metroplex and specifically the Cowboys "bubble" practice facility. With 12 confirmed injured, including special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, it's easy to see some Cowboy-haters making the way-too-easy, way-too-unnecessary "this is the worst Cowboys collapse since missing the playoffs last year."

Video of the structure collapsing was caught on tape.

It's something out of a movie, as players and other Cowboys personnel are scrambling through the wreckage looking for anyone possibly trapped underneath the debris.

And while the total extent of the damage looks to be relatively minor - no life-threatening injuries and no players injured - this could have had a much more catastrophic result. Perhaps the Cowboys should have taken a little of the $1 billion invested in the new stadium and instead allocated some of that for upgrading the bubble. Yes, lots of teams have similar facilities, but you can bet that they will all be reinforced or replaced within the next year based on what happen, and more importantly what could have happened, in Irving, Texas, today.

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