Friday, May 01, 2009

Bulls-Celtics: Win by 2?

As the Bulls and Celtics played into a third overtime in Game 6 and a seventh overtime in the series, I realized that even though I was more focused on the Mavericks/Spurs series, as a hoops fan, this series is the most undeniably amazing series ever!

Joakim Noah tapped the ball away from the C's, dibbled the length of the floor, and elevated in the face of Paul Pierce to jam home the winning points and force a deciding Game 7 in this amazing series. Basketball fans across the nation will be clamoring today about how they never want this series to end. To help these fans cope with the finality of a Game 7, I've come up with a great solution.

Just for this series - because getting such a great series is rare, and you never know how the next rounds will play out - the Bulls-Celtics should adopt a similar format to tennis, ping pong or volleyball: must win by two.

Think about it? Chicago and Boston are currently tied at 3-3. Game 7 will be the end of it before one of these teams plays the Orlando Magic in what could not possibly be as entertaining a series as this has been. But what if Game 7 goes into OT, as so many others have this series?

With the exception of Game 3, these games have all been so close, and so perhaps if a team was required to win the series by two games, basketball fans could rejoice as this series continued. While it's not necessarily a practical solution, I don't think anyone would complain about more Bulls-Celtics this season.

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