Monday, November 23, 2009

Where have all the touchdowns gone?

In the Cowboys last 32 drives over the last three games, there have been three touchdowns scored by Dallas. Here's a breakdown of what has happened by result on those drives:

16 -- punts
3 -- TDs
2 -- FG Made
2 -- FG Missed
3 -- Intercepted Pass
2 -- Fumbles
3 -- End Half / End Game

In the Cowboys preview 32 drives (including end of halves or games as well), the Cowboys put up 11 Touchdowns. I realize they were playing the Chiefs, Falcons and Seahawks (plus the beginning of the Eagles game), but the three defenses of the Eagles, Packers and Redskins shouldn't have produced THAT big of a drop off.

How the Cowboys drives have played out over the last three games:

Cowboys at Eagles (Nov. 8)
Dallas Drive Summaries
15:00102:39DAL 22624Punt
12:01104:07PHI 37737Touchdown
06:21101:19DAL 4139Punt
02:14102:02DAL 15418Punt
11:38203:52DAL 25611Punt
01:38201:34DAL 19977Field Goal
00:04200:04PHI 000End of Half
11:48302:54DAL 35532Intercepted Pass
06:03303:53DAL 19713Punt
02:00302:08PHI 42527Field Goal
10:49402:45DAL 45455Touchdown
04:27404:27DAL 23725End of Game

Cowboys at Packers (Nov. 15)
Dallas Drive Summaries
13:37103:05DAL 39741Missed FG
06:01102:35DAL 42519Punt
00:10101:27DAL 4931Punt
09:50202:08DAL 2539Punt
04:03200:00DAL 2810Fumble Recovery (Opponent)
01:50200:58DAL 1730Punt
15:00301:31DAL 363-9Punt
08:56301:59DAL 20514Punt
13:14401:33DAL 8312Fumble
10:49404:52DAL 231576Intercepted Pass
03:17402:39DAL 371163Touchdown

Cowboys vs. Redskins (Nov. 22)
Dallas Drive Summaries
15:00101:34DAL 3535Punt
11:31103:33DAL 47641Fumble
05:03104:21DAL 12827Punt
10:22202:43DAL 24629Punt
06:06204:54DAL 201152Missed FG
00:00200:00DAL 291-1End of Half
11:37302:40DAL 6523Punt
06:04300:58DAL 1033Punt
00:41303:43DAL 24737Intercepted Pass
07:06404:25DAL 40960Touchdown
01:46401:32DAL 3734Punt

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