Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is Jeff Triplett drunk?

NFL referee Jeff Triplett and his crew might be the worst in the NFL. The gem of their masterpiece in today's Cowboys-Packers showdown came on the "explanation" of this challenge:

It appeared Felix Jones had the ball in his possession and was down by contact before the ball was knocked out of his arms and eventually recovered by Green Bay.

The crew also missed the 15-yard penalty that should accompany a coach challenging a play when Packers Mike McCarthy challenged with no challenges remaining. Instead, the play was almost reviewed until someone reminded Triplett, oh by the way, it's not reviewable because they don't have a challenge left.

I'm quite certain that the Packers' request for a challenge when they no longer had a challenge left should result in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for delaying the game. I seem to remember something like this being called on Bill Parcells during his time in Dallas against New Orleans a few years ago. While there is no easy way to find the exact rules of instant replay in the NFL, it seems there is a disconnect going on about what is and is not a penalty for a faulty replay request.

I wouldn't feel confident with Triplett taking my order at Dairy Queen and getting it right, much less dissecting the proper calls in professional football.

from the Dallas Morning News
This follows what I theorized a few minutes ago: Keith Olberman just described the play on NBC and said that "recovery in the field of play is not reviewable."

In other words, you can review whether there was a fumble; you can't review who recovered the ball. Once it's loose, the call on the field stands.

...more on the Cowboys unchallengeable play...

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