Sunday, February 14, 2010

All-Star Game

A few quick thoughts in the recent aftermath of an All-Star night that was representative of the size and pride of Texas:

- With more than 108,000 packed into Cowboys Stadium, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban set the attendance record they were after. And by set, I mean SMASH. As Dirk said before the game: everything's bigger in Texas.

- Anyone else sick of Dwyane Wade collecting trophies in Dallas? He hoisted the O'Brien Trophy in 2006 at the American Airlines Center, and tonight took home hardware as the All-Star Game MVP.

- The West had a chance to win with 5 seconds left, but Carmelo Anthony's 3-point look suffered from blurry vision. Gotta believe that Denver coach George Karl wanted his guy to get that last shot rather than drawing up something for Dirk to attempt a game-winning three. Seriously, who would you rather have attempting a game-winner? Carmelo is a great player, a rightful All-Star, but Dirk should have been the one taking that shot. They never even tried to get him the ball.

- As pathetic a showing there was for the All-Star Saturday Night festivities, that's truly how grand tonight was. Jerry Jones sure knows how to throw a party. I wonder what that place will be like a year from now when Cowboys Stadium hosts Super Bowl XLV.

- Kudos to Mavs owner Mark Cuban for sticking to his guns of only wanting to host an All-Star game if he could get a seat for all the Mavs fans. Mission accomplished. With room for 108,713 to pack Cowboys Stadium, Cuban was able to host any and all Mavericks season ticket holders who wanted to get a seat. No special lottery or drawings necessary. As a North Texas sports fan, it's hard to picture any city with a pair of owners as great at Cuban and Jones.

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