Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympics provide pure emotion

The great thing about the Olympics that we are all able to see is the pure joy and undeniable heartbreak that comes with each Games. It's the pinnacle of competition for sports that stumble into the spotlight once every four years, and each of these athletes has just this one chance to etch their names in the respective anthologies of their sports.

Seeing the Americans dominate the Halfpipe, or watching Lindsey Vonn ski to gold a week after thinking she may not even be able to compete, you don't get this type of high-energy and even higher-emotion any other time than the Olympics.

Consider USA Men's Curling skip John Shuster, whose lucky hat just may not have the magic at these games, and yet I found myself unable to pull away from the tv during the USA-Denmark match. He's had chances to be Michael Jordan and make some game-winners, but instead has turned into Mitch Williams instead. I didn't know who Shuster was a month ago, but now, I wanted to see him and his teammates vindicated with at least one win in Vancouver (less and less likely).

Some will take gold. Others will walk away empty handed. But as spectators we are all treated to the most entertaining two weeks in sports. Each moment is the biggest moment of someone's life, and we get to watch.

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