Friday, October 15, 2004

Bye Bye Brown

I would like to take this opportunity to say 'farewell' to UT's Mack Brown. I just don't see him coming back next year. It's not that he's done a bad job (59-18 from 1998-2003, and a 4-1 record this year), but UT's football program requires more than Mack Brown has delivered.

Included in his 59 wins is only one win against arch-rival Oklahoma. Also, in Mack Brown's 21 years of cocahing college football, he has ZERO conference championships. Not National Championships, but whatever conference he's in, he's been no better than second best. He's had some damn good players and some fantastic teams, but it still seems that every year UT ends up at the Holiday Bowl or at the Cotton Bowl - neither of which are BCS bowls.

I'm not saying it's right. Hell, UT is lucky to have someone who can keep there program at such a high level. The only problem is that Bob Stoops is keeping OU at that a level one notch higher. Stoops has a recruiting edge of Brown because he can simply say to recruits, "UT's great, but wouldn't like an opportunity to actually win a National Championship?"

This year's Red River Shootout was the "Mack Brown Bowl." If UT won, he would stay. UT lost 12-0 to the Sooners. This may just be the end of the road for Mack Brown in Austin. I'm sure he'll go on to land another coaching job somewhere. He'll take a team and make them a winner...just not a winner of anything meaningful.

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