Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bad weekend for transportation

I moved my car to the main parking lot outside my apartment building in order to take chairs to Eddie's for the poker tournament. Between the time I moved my car (mid-day friday) and the time I left for the tournament (5:30 pm friday), some DPS officer was nice enough to leave a little present under my windshield.

Fuckin' ey.

How the crap do I get a ticket on a Friday afternoon just a few hours before it's legal for me to park in that lot. What the crap.

Well, yeah, that's bad, but it's only a $35 ticket. I can live with that. What I can't live with is the sight I saw this morning when I went outside to leave for my volleyball match. I walked down the stairs and realized something didn't seem right.

How depressing does that locked up tire look?

That's right. My bike frame got mad at me and left. Who steals a bike on daylight savings night when you have one less hour to get the job done? CRAP!

I think I'm gonna have to permenantly park the car and make a unicycle out of the tire for transportation, because clearly I am not ready for any other mode of transportation (plus if you steal a unicycle, you're a fuckin' loser).

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