Tuesday, April 12, 2005

End of the road

Tomorrow I leave for what may very well be my last volleyball tournament. After a dismal year with the club team, and with virtually no chance of being able to get back to the NCAA team, I'm probably through with volleyball.

Yeah, I enjoy the game, but it hasn't been the same since July 2003 - the last time I took the court for the Addison Volleyball Club.

Since then, something's been missing. Maybe it's been "ma setta" Brennan,

or a shaggy-haired libero in the back row.

Or a 6'5" Ukranian who's never hit the ball past the 10-foot line, or a Belgian with a 40-inch vert. There's no 15-year-old middle blocker lost among 18-year-olds. There's no sea-walking Ryne. And there's certainly no Craig.

Eh, it's probably none of those things. It's most likely the lack of Roby, Randy and Shanks, the coaching trio that helped me even get to this level.

The game just hasn't been the same since playing next to those guys.

Next year, I'm stuck taking journalism classes when the club team usually practices, so even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to play for them. Like I said: even if I wanted to. At this point, I'm not so sure that I want to.

Nothing personal against those guys on the club team, but I don't feel I was given a fair shot at the beginning of the season for playing time. I know I was one of the top two middles on that team when the year started. Now, who knows. I'm probably not seeing as how I haven't played in a match for more than four points since January.

Before this season, I was never one to complain about coaching or playing time or anything like that. I just practiced hard, worked at my game, and hoped I'd be put in when game-time rolled around. That just hasn't been happening this season (which is probably why I've ended up griping about this season more than playing in it: The Stranded, No Practice, Clubbed over the head, Mismanagement).

I'll still probably play pick-up games back home with former AVC teammates, but it's just weird knowing I'll never be playing volleyball at a high level again.

Well, as my former tennis coach Pierre Craig once said, "When it's all said and done, it's over."

"Git down on it!"

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