Saturday, April 09, 2005

Piling it on

With the end of the semester looming, so are finals. At first, I was looking forward to this semester's finals because I have only one exam during finals week. The rest is all projects due in class. The only problem with that: they are all due the last week of class.

With three weeks to go in the semester, I have to turn in two broadcast journalism projects, one print reporting assignment, a computer-assisted reporting project, a marketing exam, a marketing final paper, a business communications case study on diversity, and a business communications exam. That doesn't include the political science final the week after classes end.

Yesterday I woke up and did 5 hours of solid work. I was so proud of myself ... until I realized I still had another 10 hours of crap to do (and none of it got done).

So today, it's back to work. I'll probably spend another good solid 5 hours working until I get distracted and don't finish. Great.

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