Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Who is making the NFL playoffs

In the NFC

The pre-season favorite Cowboys are 5-4 and limping into the bye. The Falcons are contenders. The Panthers look like the Cardiac Cats of '03. But the Bucs are pirating through the conference waters a la '02. The Giants are proving to be tough title contenders and - of course - defenders, while the Eagles and Redskins are fighting to keep down Dallas in the East. Oh, and someone from the North and West can automatically earn a bid like a mid-major in the NCAA tournament.

Here's who gets in:

1. Giants (East) - class of the conference
2. Panthers (South) - games @OAK, DET help jump-start 2nd half
3. Cardinals (West) - holy #%$&! someone over .500 in the West!
4. Bears (North) - Orton or Grossman, something's working
5. Redskins (WC) - Portis + Campbell = playoffs
6. Cowboys* (WC) - too much talent not to make the playoffs

In the AFC

Perennial powers New England and Indianapolis no longer reign supreme. Sure Pittsburgh is still around the top of the division, but did anyone see the Titans (and Kerry Collins) as the Conference's top team? Survey says... [X]

The entire East is only separated by one game with NYJ, NE and BUF all 5-3 and MIA at 4-4. They're all alive - and three are getting in. Not the same can be said in the West where the Chargers are only a game behind 4-4 Denver despite the Hochuli game. That's a winnable division at 8-8. And can anyone else in the South get in after 8-0 Tennessee (like the 4-4 Colts)? No way the 5-3 Ravens can be considered a legit contender when they still have to play four NFC East teams -- then again they finish the season with 3 of 4 games at home.

You think the NFC will be a wild ride, the AFC will be just a tough!

Here's how it unfolds:
1. Tennessee (South) - tough to catch
2. Pittsburgh (North) - no one else on "first round bye" level
3. Jets (East) - 3 games remain vs. NFC West pansies
4. Chargers (West) - that doesn't mean Norv gets to stay
5. Patriots (WC) - some things never change
6. Dolphins (WC) - still play SEA, OAK, @STL, SF, @KC for at least 5 more wins

*possible homer pick


Now for some entertaining video of some of the nut jobs in the crowd this weekend at Giants Stadium. If figure if ya can't beat 'em, you can at least make fun of 'em.

This guy was mocking Cowboys fans, not a horrible crime, but several Giants fans were sick of his taunting, constantly standing up, and really just being a jerk when there was no need to be (it's not like the game was competitive).

Giants fans were quick to point him out when the ushers came down to check things out. He was eventually instructed to 1. cease alcohol consumption, 2. shut his mouth.

This angry Cowboys fan got riled up enough to throw her beer on someone. The beer toss in a classic among rowdy fans, but the chick beer toss? That happens about as often as a Detroit Lions win. Didn't reflect too well on Cowboys fans there, but he fight in the stands was certainly more competitive than the contest on the field.

And what of our friend who was told by ushers to not have any more beers? He had one more, decided to open his mouth, and got himself thrown out. Fans even got a "Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye" going for him. So long, dumb ass.

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