Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seriously, let's get Rowdy

It's come to my attention that the Cowboys horrible mutant-muppet, nightmare-inspiring mascot Rowdy is being sanctioned by the NFL for Sunday's upcoming game at Texas Stadium.

Fans of the Rowdy, the Cowboys' lovably obnoxious mascot, better be in their Texas Stadium seats for pregame festivities and the third quarter Sunday. Those will be the only times Rowdy is allowed to show his big, foam head.

I must ask, is this really a bad thing?

As dumb as it is for the NFL to get involved in this (and it really is), I have no problem NOT having to put up with Rowdy during Cowboys game. The team is better off without his big dumb foam face waving down-the-middle extra points 'no good' and covering his eyes when bad things happen.

He. Is. Horrible!

The Cowboys are much better off without him roaming the sidelines. Obviously no one will ever replace the role Crazy Ray played for this franchise, but Rowdy is such a far step backwards, he's an embarrassment. This is not the first time I've ranted about Rowdy. Probably won't be the last. I have no problem with a diminished role for Asswhip. In fact, if they forget to give him directions to the new stadium, oops.

Seriously, let's get Rowdy.

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