Wednesday, June 15, 2005

4K in a day

Every few weeks, Vector has a two-week "push" where offices in the division and the region go all out leading up to Summer Conference I (SC I). The company gives out maybe a dozen trophies to the top sales reps of the two-week push as well as trophies for the top office in the region.

My goal for the SC I push was to sell somewhere around $10K of Cutco (which is pretty cool when you think about 50% commision). Well, here's the thing: the SC I push started yesterday and I'm already over $4K! I guess my goal was kinda weak. I guess I need to up the ante.

Here's how it all happened:

I started the day off with a demo at the biggest house I've ever been inside. I got there, put the Homemaker+8 set on her table, and she said "I'm gonna need two of those." After another gift pak, the total order came to $1803. Nice way to start the day!

CPO (amount I sold on which I get paid commision): $1803

The next appointment I had was in far far north Dallas, and unfortunately it was a no-show. Lesson to all Vector reps: listen to your manager when they say not to book a demo more than two days in advance.
CPO: $0

When I was at my 11am appointment, the lady was nice enough to give a few of her friends a call to make sure it was okay for me to set up appointments with them. I ended up booking this 3pm appointment with one of those friends of my first customer of the day.
This lady already owned the Homemaker+8 set, but when I showed her the garden tool set, the sale was on. After she decided on a first other pieces for her daughters, some kitchen tools, a pair of vegetable peelers, and a few other pieces, I was staring at a near-$700 order. But because she wanted a new whitewashed block for her knives, I told her to trade in the one she had and I'd give her the new block for free.

CPO: $608

I went back to the house of a lady I saw sunday because her daughter who's getting married this October had just got in town. I helped them set up an online gift registry worth maybe $2,000. While I didn't make a sale while I was there, I will make full commision on anything purchased from that registry.

CPO: $0

And then, the part that I couldn't even begin to comprehend...
I went over to a customer's house whose name I got from the lady at my 3pm demo. She called this friend and I set up the demo for the same night because she said that's the only time she had. I didn't really want to do a 7pm demo because of how early I have to get up for my internship (4am) but I figured "What the hell!" because it's a push week.

The lady, who described herself as the "biggest redneck in town" was so nice. She ended up buying a fishing knife, petite carver and the super shears. Then she got on the phone with one of her neighbors, asking her if I could do a demo for her. The neighbor decided to just come on over, so then I had another demo in the same house.

This lady already owned a few Cutco pieces, but it was all stuff she got from her wedding. She wanted to get a few other pieces and a few other table knives, so I helped her upgrade to a near-full set. The only problem: she was an OU fan, and I'm a USC student, so for some reason she didn't want to talk to me about this year's Orange Bowl. What's up with that???

Then the lady whose house I was in had another neighbor come over to see the knives. This lady sat down, saw the set I had on the table, acknowledged that she had never owned good knives, and said she wanted the set. I showed her the super shears that had cut a penny in half, the kitchen tools, and some other accessories (entertainers pak and garlic press) that she decided to go ahead and get.

Somehow, I had been sitting on the same couch from 7pm to 9pm and managed to make three sales.

CPO: $207
CPO: $444
CPO: $1240

When I got home, I called my district manager and asked him how much the office had sold today not including any sales I had already told him about. Brian said that the office not including me sold $5,200 for Tuesday. Then I let him have it. My exact words were Damn it! The office beat me by $900! And on the other end of the phone was something I'd never seen, a speechless Brian! It was an absolutely amazing day, and it was only the first day of the push.

The day's total CPO: $4,302

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Anonymous said...

Do an internet search on Vector Marketing/Cutco, these are just a couple of the articles that come up about them:
the company has a reputation for being a scam.

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