Monday, June 20, 2005

Bad boy Brendan Higgins

On the NBC 5 morning news show in Dallas-Ft. Worth this morning, news anchor Brendan Higgins issued the greatest line I've ever heard on a newscast. Higgins was talking about the fake-reporter squirting Tom Cruise with water a the London premier of "War of the Worlds." Cruise could be heard on the tape repeating to the fake-reported (who turned out to be working with a British Comedy Show) "You're a jerk."

It was Higgins, however, who displayed the most aggression, by issuing the following statement:
"I thought he was pretty calm, 'cause I woulda jacked the guy hard, right in the friggen face!"

Now if that doesn't make you wanna wake up and watch a 5:30am newscast on a Monday morning, not much else will.

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