Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We are the champions

For the past two weeks, the Lewisville office did not work out smartest and did not work our hardest. We had been in a push contest for those two weeks, and after the first week, we were losing. We were down.

We have the smallest team, but poud-for-proud, when it comes to productivity per rep, we are the best. We went into week two trailing Arlington and Dallas by at least $4,000. We had to get going. We had to pick up the pace. We had to come together.

We did.

At the conference, I won the individual sales rep push ($12,862) by about $4,000 as the Lewisville office, as the team, not a team, but THE team chanted and cheered for me. It was one of the greatest feelings ever, looking out at over 500 other sales reps and knowing I was the best. And that wasn't even the best part of the day.

Not a half-hour later, during the office push-countdown to see which was the top office, that "greatest feeling ever" was multiplied infinitely. As they counted up, and other managers stepped forward, we were in the final two. It came down to Arlington's office and us.

Arlington has an army. They have well over 100 reps who have worked with the company for more than three weeks. Our team is not only half the size, but we have a lot more inexperienced reps - and it didn't make a damn bit of a difference.

$95,000 - Dustin (the Arlington District Manager) and Brian (the Lewisville manager) stood still, waiting for the other to move first.

$96,000 - Our team was silent. We watched and hoped that the hard work we had put in over the last two weeks (but especially the past weeked) had paid off.

$97,000 - No one stepped forward and the tension grew.

$98,000 - There was a slight pause, then Dustin stepped forward. WE HAD WON! WE BEAT ARLINGTON! WE CAME BACK FROM NOWHERE TO BE THE TOP OFFICE!

$100,000 - We were the only office to top $100K for the push, finishing with $100,053 for the two-week push.

Brian, office staff members Shea, Mike, Steven, Jordy and I jumped up and down as we made our way to the front of the conference to accept the trophy with Brian. We looked out at the crowd. Every single person on our team stood tall on their chairs, cheering as hard as they could, knowing they gave it there all, and that it was worth it.

At last Thursday's team meeting, Brian said that if we were to come back and win this push, it would be one of the greatest stories the company has ever seen. We did not work our hardest. We did not bring our best for the full two weeks (or really even one week), but over the final two days, we came to play.

$100,053! Summer Conference I champs!

Lewisville Summer 2004 - the legend was born

Lewisville Summer 2005 - the dynasty continues

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