Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Air time

FYI - my internship helping to do news at 570 KLIF also includes helping to do news for 99.5 The Wolf because the two stations share the 16th floor at 3500 Maple here in Dallas.
This morning I was listening to The Wolf's broadcast as I was putting together my week's schedule for Vector, my internship and 4th of July weekend. I wasn't really paying attention until all of the sudden I heard a story about the Wilmer-Hutchins school district that sounded really familiar. I brought up the story I had just written - including the audio clip I wanted with the story - and noticed hey! that was the story I wrote with the sound clip I wanted. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll have a voicer on the air.

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Anonymous said...

'in fact they are told verbatim that they will be working at an "entry level customer service position...working with Cutco products."'
That's the problem, they are misled into thinking it will be a customer service job when in fact it will be purely a direct sales contract.

'the article says that anyone who decides to work with Vector to sell Cutco is "required to buy sets of cutlery products for $145 to use" on demos. The fact of the matter is that students are putting a deposit (and a heavily discounted one at that) on the products that they can get back if they return the sample kit when they leave the job.'
The Fact of the matter is it is $145 + sales tax. They put the sales tax in there because it is considered a sale until it is refunded. Just because something is refundable doesn't necessarily mean it is always going to be considered a "deposit."

'But he was only making $100 a week while putting in 25-30 hours a week (or 35-42 hours if he worked weekends like some sales reps), then he was not doing the job the way he was taught to do it in training.'
A survey of 940 recruits by the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Dept showed only half broke even or made any money and they averaged $3 per day.

'The company is set up to allow students to succeed, not to fail'
The company is set up for the company to succeed, not their recruits. For instance they start out their reps at 10% commission and raise their commission as the recruit makes more sales, while they give the manager 25% commission to start and less commission as the recruit makes more sales. It's very hard to succeed at a 10% starting commission level. However, the company is more interested in getting the manager to recruit. Once the recruit sells a couple thousand worth of Cutco to their friends and family (which is very easily to do to people who trust you and want to help you out) they end up qitting and the company and manager is more interested in the next batch of recruits coming along.

"does not mislead or scam its reps or its customers."
the company has admitted to misleading their reps no less tha 4 times in settlements with the authorities while people like you said they were not

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