Sunday, July 17, 2005

Defending Vector (a response to more comments)

If you don't like the company, them you can probably live a life without Vector and Cutco. I'm not saying it's a job that EVERYONE can succeed at, because I believe it does take some special skills, but don't this idea that the company wants its reps to quit after selling to family and friends is legit either. Go to any Vector conference and you'll see.

Secondly, the job is NOT for everyone. That's why not everyone interviewed is hired, and that's why not everyone hired starts.

Also, as far as the comments on the sample kit deposit, I could turn my kit in tomorrow and get a FULL REFUND if that's what you want to call it. People do it every day.

When it comes to sales reps not getting paid, don't think people try to scam this company when they start out all the time. Reps will turn in full forms of 10 people they "went to see" but they will all be no-sales. Out of 10 people, no one bought anything.

Managers then have to call the names and numbers of those people to see if they really did the demos. If the people never heard of the kid or never saw the demo (which happens virtually every time someone hands in a 0-for-10 sheet), then that rep should not be paid and chances are will not be paid.

Forging paperwork won't earn you crap with this company and in life. Those who think they've done such a clever job of filling up a sheet with 10 names of strangers or fake people but then come back to Advanced Training with a full bag of rope and leather they were supposed to cut up on the presentation have no reason to be paid because they didn't do their job.

I'm not saying you have to love a company that you don't work for - that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm just saying that there are students who succeed at this job every day. About 60,000 college-age kids will work with Vector this summer, and those who don't will be missing out on something that can truly change lives.

I don't know who your are because you keep posting annonymously, but you seriously need to just drop it. This company isn't going away soon. I really think you should focus your attention elsewhere.

Instead of hating a company you don't work for, why not try finding a job with a company you won't hate? Who knows, you might actually enjoy working for that company, despite what others think about it, and then you'll know how I feel.



Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right about this "job" not being for everyone, which is why Vector should stop trying to recruit everyone and stop using vauge, misleading, deceptive, and manipulative tactics in doing so.

A manager gets $25 for every demo kit they sell to recruits, 25% off all their new recruit's sales, and bonuses depending on their recruitment rate. They would have to be a complete idiot not to take every single person they can con into doing it and won't be a problem to them. The only ones they seem not to accept are those who are not young, naive, and inexperienced because they are the only ones who don't know any better.

In 2002 Vector sold $250 million worth of Cutco with over 550 offices, in 2003 they sold $230 million in Cutco with 300 offices, in 2004 Vector sold $180 million with 200 offices. There seems to be a trend going on here.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I agree... Vector sucks.

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