Friday, July 29, 2005

Worst day of the summer

I'm so glad that yesterday is over because July 28 was undoubtedly the worst day of the summer.

It started out like most days this summer, with me waking up at 4 a.m. to get ready for my internship down at 570 KLIF. But when I left KLIF, I went home to change before my 9 a.m. demo. When I got to my demo, I realized I had forgotten my bluebook (the binder with all the pictures of the different knives), so I only sold half of what I should have to that customer.

After that, I made a quick stop at the eye doctor before heading up to Richardson for a group demo. For the record, I hate group demos. They are never as good as a rep thinks they'll be. I thought that this was going to be a great demo. As it turns out, I - like most people going into group demos - was disappointed.

Two of the ladies there weren't in the demographic we typically show Cutco to, the man there was more interested in the female rep there who had set up the demo, and the other woman probably would have bought a small set had she not been in a group setting where no one else was getting anything.

When I escaped that beating, I got on to the George Bush Turnpike to head over to Lewisville, which is where I was when I got pulled over for goign 75 in a 60. While 15 mph sounds like a lot over the speed limit, I was going with the flow of traffic. The ticket definitely helped to just ruin my day.

So when I finally got to Lewisville, Brian decided to take me to Six Flags in Arlington. We had fun for a while but when it came time for me to leave, I walked out of the park, and I reached into my pocket to get my car keys. Too bad the keys weren't in my pocket. I had left them in the park. I had left them somewhere in the huge amusement park. At this point, I was already late to get to Lewisville to run a meeting.

I tried to get back in to the park, but because I didn't get my hand stamped as I left, they weren't letting me back in. One guy told me that if I wanted to get back in, I should have gotten my hand stamped. I told him I didn't know I'd be going back in, but it was only because I lost my car keys. He said that's exactly why I needed my hand stamped. I paused and considered punching the guy in the head.

Eventually, I found a cop who agreed to escort me into the park to the lost and found. I waited at the lost and found in the line for about 10 minutes before being helped. When I got to the front of the line, I described my keychain and thankfully the guy had it. He put it on the counter and asked me to fill out some survey or something before I left because I needed to do something to take back my keys. Well, when the guy turned around to get something from a back shelf, I took the keys and took off. I definitely did not have time for that!

I bolted out of the park and to my car, where I got in and got going. While I was on state highway 360, I started feeling sick because of the roller coasters. I hate roller coasters. Yesterday was my first time on a corkscrewing roller coaster, and it was most likely my last. I decided to pull over to the side of the road, get out, and throw up. I definitely felt a little better after that.

So from there, I continued driving up to Lewisville, but as in-a-hurry as I was, I couldn't speed. I couldn't risk a second ticket for the day. I finally got to Lewisville, only 45 minutes after I was supposed to be there. When I got there, someone was already giving the talk I was going to give because they didn't know how long it'd be until I got there.

So I had basically driven up to Lewisville for nothing. Awesome.

I really hope I don't have another day like this for a while, because I really don't enjoy it. This definitely was the back-breaker of the summer.

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