Monday, July 25, 2005

Scholarship race

This summer, while working with Vector, I've been in a big scholarship race. Everyone who works with the company this summer and is in school has a chance to win.

Last summer, I came pretty close to winning, but because the scholarship race is based on sales, and because I went back to school two weeks before the end of the summer campaign, I got passed the last week of the summer and dropped out of the top 50.

This year, I hit the contenders list June 24, when I reached 11,025 in sales for the summer. I was 106 in the company with room to go for the scholarship. With only a month left in the scholarship running, I decided I'd post my progress with the scholarship competition:

June 24 ***** 106 *************** 11,025
July 1 ******* 42 **************** 16,523
July 8 ******* 44 **************** 19,114
July 15 ****** 34 **************** 23,162
July 22 ****** 30 **************** 27,123

I'll make sure to update each week for the rest of the summer campain to let yall know how I am doing.

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