Monday, July 25, 2005

Commenting on comments concerning Cutco

Once again, I feel the need to respond to someone who insists on posting comment after comment on my blog about Vector Marketing. This will, however, be my last response to these comments because - quite frankly - I'm getting a little tired of dealing with this guy who keeps doing this.

If you haven't been keeping up with this ongoing online "feud" just take a look at these past posts and comments:
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Please stop referring to this as a "job" with your retarded quotation marks. This is a job, regardless of how uncommon or unique it is and regardless of how much you don't like it.

You say that the company will take every single person, but that's not entirely true. Would the company like more sales reps, yeah, of course they would, but why would they want to hire a moron to show their product and make the company look bad. I'm sure there are some managers who hire anyone with a pulse, but I also know that some managers hire only truly qualified, clean-cut kids who need some extra money and are strongly motivated. How do I know? I work for one of those offices.

Now this next comment of your, I just don't understand: "The only ones they seem not to accept are those who are not young, naive, and inexperienced because they are the only ones who don't know any better."

First of all, just as a personal pet-peeve, don't use a sentence with a triple-negative. It's just tough reading.

Okay, so you're saying the company only hires young, naive and inexperienced people because they "don't know any better." Where do I even begin with this??? Okay, first off, young inexperienced people are hired by a lot of companies all the time every day. Someone has to get a first job somewhere. Mine happened to be editing an SAT workbook. For other kids, it's bagging groceries. And for some, yes, it's working with Vector. That's probably one of the greatest things about this company, the fact that no experience is necessary. It's a great resume builder.

As far as the naivity of new sales reps, what does that have to do with anything? People are told at the interview what the job entails. If they don't wanna show Cutco to people, they are more than free to walk out of the interview. They aren't chained down. We don't lock the doors. Walk out if you don't like it. But don't say that those who are coming to the office looking for a job don't know what they'll be doing when they leave. They know the details of the job.

The fact that you say that those hired "don't know any better" is insane. Some of the best Vector reps are personal recruits of a friend who works with the company. That rep tells their other friend who is looking for some extra cash about his job, so the friend goes in, knowing all about what this job is.

Is it true that some people go in to the interview not knowing exactly what they'll be doing? Absolutely. But that can be said about many positions where you don't know the specific details of a job until it is explained to you at an interview - which is exactly what Vector does.

Me personally, I went in to the interview not knowing what I'd be doing, but who cares. The manager explained the job to me. I thought it sounded like fun, so when he offered me the job, I shook his hand and said "thanks" because I wanted to do this. Other people don't take the job because they don't like it, but if someone doesn't want to do the job, they don't have to.

I really don't feel like answering any more of your bickering comments, but if there is some reason you feel so strongly against this company, I've gotta hear this personal vendetta. Did you get a job with Vector, not do well, blame it on others, and set out a mission in life to destroy this company? Or are you just jealous that friends of yours can make $20K in a summer while you bust your ass and make $2K? I don't know your life's story. I don't care about most of it. But why do you honestly feel the need to - in your mind - educate the world about what you think are the "evils" of a good company?


Anonymous said...

josh you need to chill about you job... its just a freaking job and not everyone likes it. the other guy... why put so much freaking effort into looking up stats on vector. you dont like it, thats wonderful, let it rest already!!!

Josh said...

to you who posted the previous comment:

Thank you! I am ready to stop responding to comment after comment after comment. I'm just glad to know someone else is sick of it too.

Anonymous said...

Technically it's not even a job, just a contract. Instead of being an employee they make you an independent contractor taking away your employee rights (which is why they can get away with having some recrits who got less than minimum wage per hour of their work) yet making you work under a manager and follow their rules.

Instead of focusing on the more mature and experienced, Vector has focused on those barely out of high school with no experience whatsoever, and yes the naive. Vector is hardly selective.

Any legitimate job is going to have just a few positions available and go through many applicants to fill them with the most qualified person possible. They will look at education and experience, have lengthy one-on-one interviews, check their employment history, check references, and maybe even do a criminal background check and make them do a drug test. They will tell them exactly what the work involves and if the applicant don't like it they don't want them.

Vector on the other hand has an unlimited amount of contracts available, seeks out those as young and inexperienced as possible, and often like you they don't even know what they are getting into at first like you. The worst part of it all is they try to seem like a legitimate company saying there are only a few positions available and they will only hire the best. If the manager doesn't hire anyone with a pulse, they are wasting money.

Josh said...

Seriously, man. Get over it. I don't need to hear about what you think about Vector. I don't care. Stop posting your annoying comments.

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