Monday, October 13, 2008

Broken pinkie, broken dreams

It was just reported that Tony Romo has a broken pinkie finger and will most likely miss four weeks.  

Hello adversity.  

It seems the injury bug that the Cowboys were so lucky to avoid in 2007 is making up for lost time this season. The secondary. Felix Jones. Mat McBriar. And now Romo.

The "bitching and whining and complaining" (as Norm Hitzges might say) about this will probably be overblown. Last season, the Cowboys were able to go 13-3 without dealing with any serious injuries. Now this team is facing some adversity. We'll see how the Boys bounce back against the formerly Sacrificial Rams.

If the O-line had been looking the way they looked in 2007 or early this season, I would feel comfortable with Brad Johnson under center. Now, I'm almost wondering if we should bring back Vinny Testaverde so we have a more mobile option. Okay, not really, but this could get ugly fast if the o-line doesn't respond to the challenge.

The entire team, back-ups especially, need to answer the call and play with the urgency this situation calls for. True Dallas is 4-2, but so is seemingly half the NFC.

For the first time in a long time, the Cowboys are facing some significantly meaningful regular season games. Think about it...

2007 - Win over GB gave Dallas inside track to home field (oh how useful that was)
2006 - Once Romo took over, all those wins in late '06 were icing on the cake for a team that was looking to '07 to really go for a title
2005 - Not really a contender with Bledsoe
2004 - Not really a contender with Vinny
2003 - The game vs. Carolina put Dallas at 8 wins and tied for a conference-best record. The "Can't call them losers" game
2000-2002 - The Campo era

That's not too many significant reg season games in a while. Am I overlooking some games that you can remember?

Buckle up in Dallas. Brad Johnson will be under center for at least the next month. He's got playoff and Super Bowl experience (Super Bowl XXXVII with Tampa Bay). Who knows, maybe this could be the spark. Or maybe that's the eternal optimist in me speaking. Whichever the case, we'll find out when the Cowboys play the Rams next week.

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