Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Those ghosts have caught up

Okay, Adam Jones is no longer worth the trouble.  Despite the Cowboys secondary - not the mention the entire team - being banged up, this guy is proving he just can't stay out of trouble.  I'll have more on this tomorrow, but here's the latest details:

Pacman suspected minimum 4 games

FL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones indefinitely without pay, for a minimum of four games, on Tuesday for violating the league's Personal Conduct Policy.

Jones will miss at least the next four games. Goodell will determine the final length of the suspension following the Cowboys' Week 11 game against Washington on Nov. 16. The decision on whether Jones can return to play will be based on his strict compliance with his NFL and Dallas Cowboys treatment plans as well as on evaluations of his progress that will be provided to Goodell by clinical experts retained by the NFL.

Jones was involved in an alcohol-related physical altercation at a Dallas hotel on Oct. 8 that resulted in hotel employees calling the police. Goodell in today's letter to Jones called it a continuation of "a disturbing pattern of behavior and clearly inconsistent with the conditions I set for your continued participation in the NFL."

Jones was suspended for the entire 2007 season for multiple violations of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy. In reinstating Jones on Aug. 28, Goodell said that the player's participation in the NFL depends on demonstrating that he can conduct himself in a socially responsible manner, avoiding any other conduct that brings disrespect to himself, his team, or the NFL.

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