Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rodgers must play

Regardless of how Aaron Rodgers truly feels about following Brett Favre as the starting quarterback in Green Bay, it must resonate in the back of his mind that he is not "allowed" to miss a game. Favre, who started 253 straight games for the Packers and is now continuing his streak with the Jets, is still casting a shadow over the quarterback position of that franchise. Very rarely does someone fill in for a legend and immediately succeed. Steve Young is one example, taking over for Joe Montana after he'd won four Super Bowls.

Rodgers will reportedly start today, making his fifth straight start, despite a sprained shoulder.

Rodgers, who said on Friday he was determined to play, also has said he doesn't face any extra pressure to push himself because of the ironman consecutive-starts streak put together by his predecessor, Brett Favre.

"Listen, I want to play every game," Rodgers said Friday. "I don't need that, 'Oh, you've got to play because Brett played 250 in a row.' I don't need that. I have pride in myself. I've played with some serious injuries before, so that's personal pride. I don't need any extra fuel to play."

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