Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Wade must stay

Speculation of Wade Phillips' future as the Cowboys head coach continues to build this week. Losing three of four, including a blowout by the Rams, dude, will do that to a coach. And while many Cowboys fans feel a knee-jerk firing is necessary, making a mid-season move would be irresponsible and counter-productive.

Some want a change of coach, others want a change of coaching philosophy.  Either way, the storm of public outcry is no longer brewing on the horizon.  The preliminary rain is falling hard and the heavier stuff isn't far off at this point.

If Wade Phillips were to be fired, a decision owner/GM Jerry Jones says will absolutely not happen, someone on the Cowboys coaching staff would have to be elevated to interim head coach - most likely Jason Garrett. Garrett, the NFL's highest paid assistant and last off-season's hottest coordinator, has seen his offense crumble in recent weeks. They scored 14 against the Rams, dude.

His unit turns the ball over at an alarming rate. Cowboys quarterbacks have thrown 8 INTs this season, tied for 3rd most in the NFL. To be fair, they've also thrown for 15 TDs, 2nd most in the league. They've also lost 5 fumbles of the 15 they've put on the ground, meaning it's only a matter of time before opposing defenses start getting the bounces to recover even more of these fumbles. Dallas is -6 in turnovers, 29th in the NFL. Garrett went a week without giving Felix Jones the ball. Terrell Owens is under-utilized. And now the offense has been turned over to a 40-year-old statue.

Someone call Drew Bledsoe and see if he's busy Sunday.

If Phillips is not the answer, what has Jason Garrett shown this season to prove he is capable of taking over? Nothing. And while the assistant head coach might be the most popular guy on the coaching staff the way a backup quarterback is the favorite player, that only lasts so long as they are an untested commodity. Once that seal is broken and the freshness fades, then where will the Cowboys be left?

If a move is made, Garrett would probably get the nod as a result of the off-season contract he signed. But just for fun, let's look at who else could take over. Defensive coordinator Brian Stewart is out as Wade is officially taking over the reigns of the defense.

The rest of the Cowboys coaching staff? Un-promotable.

Only one coach other than Phillips on the Cowboys staff has been a head coach in the NFL. Dave Campo. Remember Dave Campo's tenure in Dallas, or have you blocked it out as well? As bad as things are now, reverting to the Campo era would be not just a step back, it would be more embarrassing than the loss to the Rams, dude. Three 5-11 seasons that saw starting quarterbacks named Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson and even Ryan Leaf.

Dallas must move forward with Wade Phillips as the head coach. Call him the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Call him Barry Switzer II. Call him clueless. Call him Jerry's latest puppet. But whatever you call him, make sure you're calling him the head coach of the Cowboys if they're going to turn it around in 2008. To replace him with what's on tap would be giving up.

That's where I stand, but what do yall think?  Should Wade stay or should he go?  And if he goes, who takes over?

Tomorrow's Cowboys post takes a look at the teams that have been to the Super Bowl, their records, their struggles, and the Cowboys chances to 1. make the post season, and 2. make the big game in February.


Ring of Honor said...

Can we bring back Jimmy?

David said...

Bring back Switzer...I hear he's not doing much of anything these days. And at least it would get him off Fox's pregame show, so he can stop annoying Americans everywhere.

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