Friday, January 25, 2013

Call Me Maybe, Dallas Stars lyrics

The Dallas Stars and Taco Bueno were holding a goofy contest on Facebook to giveaway four tickets to a game.    While I doubt I'll win and I know I can't make it to the game if I do (sometime tells me being in Charlotte, NC, will prevent me from getting to the AAC in time), but I figured I'd at least post the lyrics I came up with so they'd last a little longer than a Facebook post.

(To the tune of Call Me Maybe)

I threw a hat on the ice
cuz Jamie Benn had scored thrice.
It was a roll of the dice,
but I am glad he signed.

I dream of the Stanley Cup,
Of the Stars hoisting it up.
And keeping the winning puck,
I believe it's time.

The lockout ended,
Jagr's old bones are mended.
The Kings can't defend it.
You know where the Cups coming, baby!

Hey, Dallas Stars!
This may sound crazy...
We'll win the Stanley Cup!
Taco, maybe?

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